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Michael Stewart, CCP’s founding Partner, was the appointed social worker who led the aftercare following the Bradford City FC disaster in 1985, in which 56 people died. The success of this outreach work was such that he formed his own consultancy a few years later.

Joined by Peter Hodgkinson, who headed the emergency response team following the Zeebrugge disaster in 1987, they drew on everything they had learnt from the disasters. Their vision was to create a model of proactive intervention following critical incidents; a model that promoted the idea of taking the “clinic to the workplace”, rather than expecting survivors to seek their own support, which they often didn’t. And so, in 1989, that’s exactly what they did; in the charming but unlikely setting of a North Yorkshire village, the Centre for Crisis Psychology was born.

Thirty years and over 8800 incidents later, their vision remains and we are proud to continue pioneering trauma aftercare. Michael and Peter have now retired and Partners Kevin Tasker, Anna Chapman and Alan Pike progress CCP’s great work. Many of our clients have been working in partnership with us for over 20 years, such is their trust in our expertise following critical incidents large and small. Our clients include many top UK businesses from the travel industry, including airlines, road hauliers, travel agents and train operating companies, and from the retail, insurance and financial industries.

We are the company trusted to look after people.


Michael Stewart and Peter Hodgkinson

Incident Timeline

Here’s a snippet of the some of the critical incidents CCP has responded to over the years.

  • The Bradford Fire

    - 11 May, 1985

    Founding Partner Michael Stewart led an award winning team who pioneered working proactively with the injured, bereaved and traumatised survivors of the disaster in Yorkshire.

  • The Herald of Free Enterprise Sinking

    - 6 Mar, 1987

    Founding Partner Peter Hodgkinson led teams who worked with the injured, bereaved and traumatised.

  • Hungerford Shootings

    - 19 Aug, 1987

    After Michael Ryan killed 16 people and then himself, CCP's work included the first ever crisis seminar for the local community in the parish church.

  • Piper Alpha

    - 6 Jul, 1988

    167 people, 30 of whom were never found, died in one of the worst ever offshore disasters. Scottish Authorities called upon CCP to support and train the staff who responded to the accident.

  • The Jupiter Sinking

    - 21 Oct, 1988

    After a cruise ship, the Jupiter, carrying British school children sank in the port of Piraeus, Athens, CCP provided advice and support to their schools.

  • Clapham Rail crash

    - 12 Dec, 1988

    Following the deaths of 35 people, CCP trained Local Authorities in the South of England. CCP continues to provide training to Local Authority incident response teams in the region to this day.

  • Kegworth M1 plane crash

    - 8 Jan, 1989

    Following the death of 74 passengers and crew during an attempted emergency landing on the embankment of the M1 motorway near Leicester, CCP provided consultancy to Leicester Social Services.

  • Hillsborough Tragedy

    - 15 Apr, 1989

    96 people died in the largest stadium related disaster in UK history, CCP provided training to the Local Authorities giving care to survivors and families of the deceased.

  • Gulf Hostage Crisis

    - 1 Jan, 1990

    500 British subjects were taken hostage by Saddam Hussein and held for four and a half months. CCP ran crisis seminars in the UK for families of the hostages.

  • Bishopsgate Bombing

    - 24 Apr, 1993

    The explosion prompted the city to introduce clearer business continuity plans. Since then CCP has provided consultancy, training and direct clinical support to several of the major banks in London.

  • Canary Wharf Bombing

    - 9 Feb, 1996

    Using our trauma care programme, CCP's consultants provided clinical support to the staff of a major bank following another terrorist attack in London which killed 2 and left 39 people in hospital.

  • Dunblane

    - 13 Mar, 1996

    Clinical services were provided to local people after 16 children and their teacher were murdered, which drew international attention to a small Scottish community.

  • Manchester Bombing

    - 15 Jun, 1996

    After the second mainland terrorist bombing within four months, CCP's clinical services were delivered to staff from several major high street businesses in Manchester city centre.

  • Omagh Bombing

    - 15 Aug, 1998

    The scenes witnessed by the retail staff supported by CCP's trauma team were unimaginable, even after the previous bombings. 29 died and hundreds were injured when the bomb exploded on a busy Saturday.

  • Boxing Day Tsunami

    - 26 Dec, 2004

    CCP supported a large number of passengers following the earthquake and tidal waves affecting Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Phuket.

  • The London Bombings

    - 7 Jul, 2005

    CCP provided support to businesses in the City of London whose staff and customers were directly or indirectly affected by the suicide bombings which resulted in the deaths of 52 people, and injuries to 700.

  • Hurricane Wilma, Mexico

    - 15 Oct, 2005

    7 CCP consultants assisted 3 Tour Operators simultaneously in Cancun, the Yucatan Peninsular and in the Dominican Republic for over a week. Follow up work in the UK continued for over 3 months.

  • The Buncefield Oil Depot Explosion, Hertfordshire

    - 1 Dec, 2005

    CCP consultants provided post incident support to 3 separate companies whose employees were directly affected by the explosions.

  • Bombings, Turkey

    - 4 Aug, 2006

    3 people died in the resort of Antalya. CCP supported British Tour Operators and customers in the resort and at home in the UK.

  • The Jordanian Shooting

    - 1 Sep, 2006

    A gunman opened fire on tourists in Amman killing a Briton and injuring five others. CCP supported a Tour Operator and those injured in the shooting.

  • The Cumbrian Rail Crash

    - 23 Feb, 2007

    A derailment near Grayrigg killed one and injured 88 others. CCP provided post trauma support to those involved in the accident, as well as to the teams who provided support.

  • Madeleine McCann, Portugal

    - 3 May, 2007

    Within a day of Madeleine's disappearance, CCP consultants were supporting her family, friends and the Tour Operator's staff. CCP's support of the family continues now.

    If you have any information or would like to provide support, please visit: http://findmadeleine.com/.

  • Hurricane Dean, Mexico

    - 13 Aug, 2007

    Dean was the strongest hurricane of the 2007 season. CCP supported Special Assistance Teams who had travelled to Mexico and Jamaica to take care of British customers.

  • Whitehaven Shootings, Cumbria

    - 2 Jun, 2010

    CCP were called in to provide support after Derrick Bird killed 12 people and injured 11 others before killing himself.

  • Cork Manx Plane Crash

    - 10 Feb, 2011

    Manx2 Flight 7100 crashed on its third landing attempt in dense fog at Cork Airport. Six people died. CCP provided post trauma support to a survivor.

  • Fatal Polar Bear Attack

    - 5 Aug, 2011

    13 teenagers from the British Schools Exploring Society were asleep in their tents when a polar bear attacked, killing one member of the group. CCP supported the survivors, their families and BSES staff.

  • Nepal Plane Crash

    - 28 Sep, 2012

    On 28th September 2012 a light aircraft carrying 13 passengers crashed just after take off. There were no survivors. On the day of the crash a CCP consultant flew to Nepal and supported the staff affected and relatives.

  • A3 Coach Crash, 3 killed and 50 taken to hospital

    - 29 Sep, 2012

    A coach carrying passengers who had been at Bestival music festival on the Isle of Wight collided with a tree shortly before midnight. CCP supported staff who responded to the crash.

  • VOS Sailor: Crew members died and 11 rescued in North Sea gales

    - 15 Dec, 2012

    CCP provided trauma care to bereaved and traumatised crew following damage to both vessels.

  • Crew died on Thomson Majesty, Canaries

    - 10 Feb, 2013

    CCP deployed 2 consultants to support the passengers and crew of the Thomson Majesty following the deaths of 5 crew members during a lifeboat drill.

  • Luxor Hot Air Balloon Tragedy

    - 26 Feb, 2013

    Following the hot air balloon explosion in Egypt a CCP consultant flew out to support the Tour Operator staff and the only survivor of the incident.

  • Coach Crash, Alps

    - 16 Apr, 2013

    A coach travelling from Alpe D'Huez with Skibound employees, aged 18-24, crashed and burned on the road. The driver was killed and several employees suffered injuries, some life threatening. CCP supported staff and families after the incident.

  • Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines

    - 9 Nov, 2013

    Support was delivered by 4 consultants to 100s of Filipino crew on board Carnival cruise ships whose families were affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

  • Rail Fatalities

    - 31 Dec, 2013

    CCP supported over 20 train drivers return to work in 2013 following collisions with pedestrians on platforms or on tracks.

  • Customer died whilst snorkelling in Galapagos

    - 13 Oct, 2014

    A customer had a heart attack whilst out snorkelling. CPR was carried out back on the boat but unfortunately the customer died. CCP support was provided to customers who witnessed the incident.

  • Fatal RTA in Ethiopia

    - 4 Dec, 2014

    A local girl ran in front of a truck which killed her upon impact. CCP supported the driver in his recovery.

  • Prisoner attacked employee

    - 17 Jan, 2015

    CCP provided support to help an employee recover from a traumatising assault from a prisoner.

  • Missing Yacht Crew

    - 18 Jan, 2015

    CCP travelled to South Africa to support the relatives of missing crew members who set out on a routine delivery and were lost in the Indian Ocean.

  • Tunisia Shootings

    - 26 Jun, 2015

    CCP arrived in resort within 24 hours to assist traumatised British tourists following a terrorist attack resulting in the death of 38 holidaymakers, 30 of whom were British.

  • Fatal Train Derailment

    - 12 Sep, 2015

    CCP travelled to India to support the survivors of a fatal train derailment, two Britons died in the crash.

  • Didcot Power Station Collapse

    - 23 Feb, 2016

    CCP provided support and advice to the employees of RWE together with psychological support to the bereaved families following the collapse of the Didcot power station

  • Military Coup, Turkey

    - 16 Jul, 2016

    CCP travelled immediately to Turkey to support Britons who were expecting to spend long days in the sun, who instead heard gunfire and witnessed shots being fired from helicopters above, leaving them petrified and in hiding.

  • Sudden Death

    - 9 May, 2017

    We provided psychological support to employees following a sudden death at a UK theme park.

  • Manchester Terrorist Attack

    - 22 May, 2017

    We provided support throughout the UK to those affected by the dreadful attack at the Manchester Arena.

  • Barcelona Terror Attacks

    - 19 Aug, 2017

    We provided support to holidaymakers in resort and in the UK following the attacks on La Ramblas and nearby Cambrils.

  • Hurricanes Irma and Maria

    - 20 Sep, 2017

    We supported UK holidaymakers and resort staff following the extremely powerful and catastrophic hurricanes which hit the British Virgin Islands, the Caribbean, Cuba and Florida.

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